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I Offer A Solution

We Can Create Together

My vision for the Black Women at Home Project is that it sparks exploration of home beyond material consumption, display, and housekeeping.  It aims to enliven what is sacred about home through our objects as well as rituals, stories, and relationships at home. 


We need to see many examples and practice how to be well at home.  Being well at home is a survival tactic and revolutionary act while living under so many oppressive systems.  Learning to be well at home - through design, rituals, maintaining sacred space, experiencing celebration, and deepening relationships with ourselves and those we live with - is an act of resistance that allows people from marginalized communities to confront and mitigate the harms in the external world with renewed energy, hope to return to a sacred space, being rested, and belief in our wholeness. 


My heart's desire to gift a book to Black women about our most meaningful and best versions of living at home. Yet, this book isn’t just about my life as a Black woman at home.  It is about you, if you want it to be! 

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