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Black and white picture of Jamila Medley.  She a Black American woman with a short afro.  She is looking up in the photo with a smirk.  Her t-shirt is black with cutoff numbers 215. There is an abstract painting in the background

My Story

My name is Jamila Medley.  I am a Black woman who is also a mother, wife, grandma (those little ones call me Mimi), sister, friend, and more - just like you!  I grew up in the East New York section of Brooklyn, NY.  That's where I first encountered my love for home - the home my mother created for us.

I now reside in Philadelphia, PA and I LOVE the home I've created here with and for my family.  At home I create beauty as well as curate joy and pleasure. I find solace, sanctuary, liberation, rest, and recovery here too. 

I have spent over 25 years working in the non-profit and cooperative economy sectors as a leader and consultant.  I am fulfilled by that work and know that it helps to make the world a better place.  Yet I can't remember a time when I also didn't hear the call to explore the meaning of home, particularly about its importance to Black women. 

After leaving my full-time job as a non-profit executive director in 2021, I spent time being still and giving myself the opportunity to listen to my heart.  What I heard was loud and clear.  It is time to do that exploration about home and Black women I have longed to do.  

The Black Women at Home Project is the container where I will house what I glean about Black women and home - from family, friends, myself, and maybe you - a new !  

Do you love your home too?  Are you interested in sharing with others how you harness and curate these positive vibes at home?  Join me on this journey to joy, beauty, ritual, and rest. 

I identify as a Black femme woman and therefore this identity informs my perspective and lived experience.  With love and hopes for ALL of us to be seen (as desired),  I invite participation in this project by any Black person who identifies as a woman - femme, trans, gender non-conforming, gender fluid - whoever you are! 

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